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C-Force 1.01b
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What is C-Force?

C-Force is a bruteforcer in the purest meaning of the word. It has been designed to test a list of username and password combinations against the login of a site. It allows a webmaster to test the security of his site against bruteforce attacks. C-Force is build so that it detects the type of protection and it will perform a bruteforce test according to its analyse, at the moment C-Force recognises basic authorization and form logins (without verification code) for http sites. C-Force works with full proxy support or with direct connect, it also has a link-checker for fast checking of a list of logins.

Notes that you need to read:
1. C-Force is as good as your wordlist, this means if your wordlist is outdated and has no working combo in it, then you can't get a hit with C-Force...
2. C-Force needs proxies... and anonimous ones... and as many as possible if you want toperform an anonimous test.

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