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Account Hitman [BETA] v0.96 - En Son Sürüm
pisicopat 11-Eyl-2011, 21:47:48

Merhaba arkadaşlar;
Çok kullanışlı cracking programı olan Acoount Hitman'ın en son sürümü ile karşınızdayım


-Fixed the problem with updater, hopefully for good
-In the proxies tab, I added two options to chose what to do when all proxies get banned (either reset them, or stop bruteforcing)
-I didn't explain it before, but proxy fail limit means how many times you will let a proxy return a bad response, either a timeout or a result with repeat\retry, before you ban it. 2 is good :)
	*Bad proxies are removed from the pool after one time, but they are not banned. So when all your proxies are changed, they come back.
	*This feature lets you ban them if they are bad twice. Meaning the third time, they will not return if proxy fail limit is set to 2.
-Finished wordlist options under combolist tab
	*I added too many features to talk about here. but if you try you will figure them out.
	*If you have a question about what some features are ask in this thread but DO NOT pm me. You can also ask in Elite Tutorial FAQ thread.
-I added some small features here and there and made some small changes (mini bugs, etc...)
	*I added an on\off button for using proxies while bruteforcing so you don't have to go to profile settings-->extra anymore
	*I made .net files copy local this time in case there is a version mismatch this might solve it. Size of .rar file therefore increased.
	*I made additions to the hit manager and the shown results listview so that you can right click --> view variable data (actually just found small bug here sorry ^^)
-Account Hitman is now in association with Proxy Fire. 
	*Proxy Fire is a great place for proxies and i advise you to support their community by registering!
	*Link: http://www.proxyfire.net/forum/index.php
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